Arkansas Rural Opioid Use Team Education

Community Driven

A-ROUTE is a network of community partners, providers, and healthcare teams collaborating to educate the community, destigmatize opioid use disorders, and provide high-quality services that ultimately eliminate overdose deaths.

Integrated Care

We educate individuals, providers, and communities about the benefits of integrating behavioral health and physical health services in rural primary care practices to address Opioid Use Disorder.

Stigma Busting

Stigma associated with opioid misuse can prevent people from seeking treatment and reduce the quality of care. Stigma related to medication for opioid use disorder can prevent uptake of evidence-based treatment in rural America. We. Bust. Stigma.

Education & Resources

We develop educational materials and trainings for primary care teams and communities in Arkansas to promote prevention, treatment, and recovery. We link rural residents in Arkansas with resources and we bring people together to fill gaps.